Motorist crashes into group of pedestrians, commits hit-and-run: one dead, one injured 

A drunken motorist committed a hit-and-run in Jabbeke (West Flanders) last night, leaving one pedestrian dead and another victim nursing a knee injury. The motorist had crashed into a group of people walking on the cycle way alongside the road. The main victim, a man with a Vietnamese background, passed away on the spot. The offender could be stopped a bit later anyway, after having caused a second accident. 

The victim's body was found on the Gistelsesteenweg in Jabbeke. The judicial authorities think the victim is a transit migrant. "A motorist hit a group of pedestrians around 23:30 . One person sustained a knee injury, another died", Yves Segaert of the Bruges judicial authorities said.  

The motorist failed to stop, but caused a new accident just 500 metres further. Nobody got injured, but the other driver started a chase and managed to stop the offender.  Police managed to arrest the man. It turned out he had too much to drink. The driver's license of the 30-year-old was suspended. 

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