Pharrell Williams pops up twice in the same Brussels restaurant

Staff of Ricotta & Parmesan, an Italian restaurant situated close to the Munt in central Brussels, had a pleasant surprise yesterday and the day before, when the one and only Pharrell WIlliams turned up to have dinner there. "It was a nice moment for us."

The American super star and music idol Pharrell Williams is a man of surprises. "The day before yesterday he entered around 11 PM, with a group of seven people, including some body guards", staff told reporters. Apparently, he had not announced his coming. 

Williams had to take the stage at the music festival of Pukkelpop with his band N.E.R.D. the day after. After his performance, he returned to Brussels with his crew in order to... come back to the same restaurant the day after. "Apparently, he liked the food so much that he decided to return here", one staff member beamed. "It was a beautiful moment."

The group did not make a reservation for a table, let alone hire the whole place. It is said they ate a combination of pastas and pizzas. The place has built a reputation for receiving artists. "We have smaller room at the back and artists appreciate that. In the past, we welcomed the likes of ZZ Top, David Bowie and Pink Floyd." 

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