Bag containing thousands of euros found in Huy city centre

The city of Huy in Wallonia was the scene of a strange incident last night, which could have been the start of a movie script. When police wanted to intervene in a brawl between a man and a woman, both had fled the scene. Instead, police found a bag full of money in the street.

The news was reported by L'Avenir and has been confirmed by the police. The bizarre discovery took place around 10:30 PM, after police had been informed about a heavy quarrel between a man and a woman in the Rue d'Apleit. 

When they arrived at the scene, police officers noticed both had fled, but not without leaving behind a bag containing thousands of euros. They took the bag to the police station and are calling on the owners to collect the cash. Police also left a telephone number for those coming to claim the money: 085/270.915. 

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