Ymke Dirikx

Pukkelpop organisers make surprising announcement

Pukkelpop, one of Belgium's biggest music festivals, will take place from Thursday to Sunday next year (15-18 August). The traditional start on Wednesday will be given up. This was announced at the end of this year's 33rd edition. 

The festival traditionally takes place from Wednesday to Saturday, but this is about to change. Organiser Chokri Mahassine: "We always try out new things. Pukkelpop is a festival for experiments, in all areas, so why not? (...) Moreover, Thursday 15 August (next year, red.) is a holiday, so festival-goers can make it a long weekend." 

This year, Pukkelpop was not a sell-out, except for Saturday. Wednesday saw 40,000 festival-goers, but on Thursday this number had grown to 60,000 in Kiewit (near Hasselt). Friday had 50,000, with Saturday peaking to 66,000 visitors. There were no major incidents, but many festival-goers were stung by a wasp.

The festival site was never this clean

The new project "PET" to re-use as many plastic cups as possible, was a success. "The festival site has never been so clean after the festival. Our appeal to festival-goers has been followed. Over 90 percent of plastic cups were recycled", Mahassine explained. 

Kendrick Lamar had the honour to close the curtains last night. An experiment this year was the coming of Willy Somers, a popular Flemish singer who made his bug debut at a rock festival, surprising, but to everyone's liking. 

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