16-year-old hitches ride on exterior of Belgian rail train

A youngster who hitched a ride on the outside of a train last Friday risks a hefty fine says Belgium's rail monopoly NMBS.

The 16-year-old in question arrived too late to catch his train and decided to train surf by attaching himself to the exterior of the locomotive at the rear of the train.  The incident happened between Kortrijk and Sint-Niklaas.  It's not clear where the teenager attached himself to the Belgian rail service.  At the time he was noticed the train was doing speeds of 130 km/h.

NMBS spokesman Bart Crols: "The youngster was first noticed at Edingen.  The train was immediately brought to a halt.  Train staff hauled the youngster off the exterior of the train.  He was handed over to rail security staff in Halle."

A police report has been drawn up.  It's now up to the public prosecutor to decide what happens next.  The service incurred a 12 minute delay and that could impact on the size of any fine!  The rail company is relieved the youngster didn't befall any injury.  "It could have ended a lot worse.  Luckily this is an exceptional incident" said Bart Crols.

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