Flemish DNA data base on the way

The Flemish Christian democrats are bringing forward legislation for the creation of a genealogy centre and DNA databank.  The centre will be able to provide answers to people's questions about their genealogy and heritage.

Lawmaker Katrien Schryvers: "The centre will form part of a body that has already been active in the field of well-being, public health and family policy.  No precise decision has yet been taken."

The DNA databank should be interesting for people who are searching for a child that was the subject of a forced adoption.   Katrien Schryvers: "This happened more than once in the Sixties and Seventies.  In this way children born as a result of egg cell or sperm donation will be able to trace parents and other relatives."

The idea for the centre originated in 2014 following government hearings about forced adoptions when a safety net for survivors of forced adoptions was envisaged.  Under the draft legislation children from the age of 12 can voluntarily provide a DNA sample.  If there is a positive match with a close relative a meeting can be arranged.

Both people discovering relatives as well as the relatives concerned will receive support.  The price of providing the DNA sample will be kept low.  So far only 300, 000 euros is being pencilled in for this project.

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