Police clamp down on exuberant wedding processions

Police have drawn up 207 police reports in connection with motorised wedding processions since last April.  The reports detail cases of dangerous driving.  In all 52 motorised wedding processions have been checked.

Last April the Brussels region introduced a new action plan to clamp down on the disturbance caused by some exuberant wedding celebrations.  Police spokesman Olivier Slosse says that police are not only concerned about excessive sounding of horns:

"The most important aspect we want to rein in is dangerous driving affecting the people in the vehicle and other road users.  We're talking about driving the wrong way down streets, breaking and accelerating without reason. Other nuisance behaviour includes the sounding of horns, blocking streets, shouting, singing and playing music."

On Saturday police staged a broader special action to check wedding processions and ensure the free flow of traffic. 378 police reports were drawn up in the City of Brussels. 

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