Three arrested at Haren migrant centre

Three residents staying at the migrant centre La Porte d'Ulysse in Haren (City of Brussels) have been detained following a spate of incidents at the centre last week.

It was last Thursday when police received the first of three calls about unrest at the centre.  Several people unwanted in the centre were refusing to leave.  Nobody was detained on this occasion.  Police were called out again on Thursday when an employee was beaten with sticks and a chair.  Two people were detained.

On Friday one resident refused to leave the kitchen despite the fact that only staff are allowed in.  He was wielding a large kitchen knife. A security guard managed to take it off him.  The resident was injured by the knife as he attempted to attack the guard.  The guard was hit by a projectile and had to be taken to hospital.  He is off work for a week.

Mehdi Kassou, the spokesman of the citizens' platform that supports refugees, notes that the centre houses both migrants and homeless people: "We possess a disciplinary system that is the same for everybody.  People who use drugs or act aggressively are banned for three days.  If they reoffend they are banned for good”.

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