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Driver in fatal road accident had no valid licence

A child of five is dead and a mother is fighting for her life after a crash in the city of Sint-Niklaas on Monday.  A second child who was in the car is recovering from her injuries in hospital.

Police have been able to detain three people who were in the other car involved in the accident.  Two of the three are known to the police and have form for drugs and traffic offences. The 21-year-old driver did not possess a valid driving licence.  He is being charged with unpremeditated manslaughter, involuntary GBH, driving without a licence and leaving the scene of an accident. Prosecutors believe excessive speed was the cause of the accident. The two other people in the car were questioned and then freed.

Initially two of the three had fled the scene, but police were able to collar them later in the day.  An investigation is also underway to see if they were involved in an earlier accident.

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