Freerunner explores Bruges

The fair city of Bruges has a new attraction.  Australian Dominic Di Tommaso is a freerunner and is offering views of the West Flemish capital from vantage points you have never seen before.

"What tourists don't see" is the name of his trip across Bruges as he jumps from roof to tower to cathedral in the Bruges inner city.  The project is inspired by Liquid City, the theme of this year's Bruges art triennial.

Bruges Mayor Renaat Landuyt: "Dominic shows Bruges in a way that nobody has shown it before: the most beautiful spots, but from a surprising vantage point."

"It gives the viewer the desire to visit the Triennial and other attractions.  Our visitors remain safe and sound with their two feet firmly on the ground."

Dominic insists that he is extremely cautious: "At every moment I have everything under control.  I studied the jumps you see again and again and performed them a thousand times.  I'm not doing this for the kick or the adrenaline."

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