Teenager apologises for racist chant at Pukkelpop

One of the youngsters seen in a video chanting a racist song at the Pukkelpop music festival has apologised.  The teenager wrote an email to the press in which he apologised for singing "Chopping off hands, Congo's ours".

The images hit the internet on Monday and showed the youngsters singing the racist chant during Kendrick Lamar's concert. Limburg public prosecutors are investigating the incident.

The youngster who apologised wrote: "To my great regret I was one of the youngsters singing the song in question.  I did it without thinking and without considering the content of the song and the feelings that it could trigger among those who felt it was directed at them."

"I was enormously shocked by my own behaviour and the unnuanced reactions it brought about on social media.  The behaviour I displayed didn't correspond to the person I am or wish to be."

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