Direct low cost flights to New York and Washington soon

A new operator is set to offer low cost flights to New York, Washington DC and Boston from Brussels Airport.  It's the first time that direct low cost flights to the US become available at Brussels Airport.

Today Primera Air connects Paris and London with the US.  Starting 2019 Brussels too will be added.  Ticket prices start at 149 euros.

Aviation expert Luk De Wilde notes that this is the basic price: "Even for hand luggage you will have to pay extra. Drinks and food are not included and legroom is the same as on Ryanair flights. Still, it's an extremely low fare for a long haul flight."

Flights will be carried out with Boeing 737 Max 9s.  The plane is usually used on short haul flights, but the latest version can also do long haul.

Primera Air is taking on Brussels Airlines on the New York and Washington runs.

Luk De Wilde: "Brussels Airlines has wanted to fly to Boston for some time.  United Airlines and Delta too operate between New York and Brussels.  It's going to get busy on the transatlantic route."

Until now only WOW Air offered low cost flights to North America via Iceland.

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