Food agency closes two Amadeus restaurants

The Federal Food Safety Agency, the FAVV, has closed two outlets of the famous spare ribs restaurant chain Amadeus.  Restaurants in Brussels and Kruishoutem are affected.

The FAVV took the decision following several checks that identified problems with the hygiene.

FAVV's Dorien Van Geert: "In precise terms we're talking about grills that hadn't been sufficiently cleaned and dirty walls."

Checks revealed that the solutions put forward by the manager only led to a temporary improvement not a long term solution.

The agency stresses that there was no immediate threat to food safety, but future food safety couldn't be guaranteed.  As a result the agency decided to revoke the restaurant's licence.

Dorien Van Geert: "If the manager wishes to reopen, he will have to apply for a new licence and the FAVV will evaluate the request."

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