Score of Antwerp-bound migrants detained at bus stops

Police in Kruibeke arrested a score of migrants during checks at two bus shelters in the East Flemish town on Wednesday morning. 

Migrants are used to taking the bus to Antwerp here and there have been complaints.  Police chief Wim Pieteraerens: "Large groups of migrants take the bus to Antwerp at two particular bus stops in Kruibeke.  Often they can't or won't pay for a ticket and this leads to tensions with the driver and other passengers.  Some drivers will no longer stop at these stops.  As a result ordinary commuters don't get to work on time.  The transport company De Lijn asked us to look into it."

Kruibeke police earlier let it be known that they would no longer set out two times a day in search of migrants, but will respond to specific complaints as in this case.

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