First squatters removed in Brussels on basis of new law

Police expelled eleven squatters from a squat in the Brussels borough of Sint-Joost this morning.  It's the first removal in Brussels since the introduction of new anti-squatting legislation last year. 

Police cleared the building where Roma families had been living illegally for six years at 9AM this morning.  Until recently seven families had been squatting in seven apartments.  This morning though police only encountered one family and four other individuals.  One person who was wanted by the police was arrested on the spot.  House clearers are removing food, dirty linen and dangerous products.

The Roma rented the accommodation from a racketeer who saw his property seized in 2012.

Until 2012 removing squatters from your property was a difficult procedure that required the intervention of a justice of the peace.  Today police can intervene following a complaint from a proprietor.

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