Migrant trafficking gang dismantled

Ten people traffickers have been arrested following a large scale police operation targeting a gang operating at the car park on the Brussels Ostend motorway at Wetteren.

Patrick Willocx of the federal police: “We were able to detain all the suspects in our sights from the brains to the people who organised the transports”.  

Police raided the car park as well as properties across the country from Mechelen to Antwerp.  All ten suspects are of African heritage.  Police also encountered 27 migrants including 4 minors.  The migrants have been handed over to the immigration department.

The investigation has been underway for some time, but police struggled to map it out and discover where the gang members were hiding. The gang used the Wetteren car park to ferry migrants from Brussels to the UK.  It also employed a hideout in Kwatrecht (East Flanders).

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