More Flemish schools teaching in English, French or German

An increasing number of schools in Flanders are teaching one or more courses in a different language than the native Dutch. It's mostly geography and history which are being delivered in another language, i.e. French, English or German.  

Next school year, 101 schools across Flanders will have one or more subjects being taught in a different language. The number is 25 percent up on the year, and the Flemish Education Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) is delighted: "Multi-language education is an added value."

The minister says the hike is a success, "since we are very strict as to the standards teaching staff has to meet. Tutors and teachers have to master the foreign language completely and speak it almost perfectly."

Multi-lingual education, officially "Content and Language Integrated Learning" (CLIL) popped up in 2014. Inspection teams confirmed it adds an extra. "The pupils' self-confidence grows and they want to take the initiative to try and speak another language. Pupils are motivated to welcome this different approach", says Crevits.

West Flanders boasts the most CLIL schools (34). East Flanders has 30, Antwerp 15, Limburg 11, Flemish Brabant 9 and Brussels 2. 

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