Second wolf in Flanders could become Naya's partner

The second wolf that was spotted in Flanders, has been identified. It's August, a male, and he may start a family with Naya. 

The two are roaming the open land in the Leopoldsburg area (Limburg province). August had been caught on infrared cameras earlier this month, and has been identified as a male now. DNA research also shows it was August who killed three sheep in Leopoldsburg. 

The wolf came from northern Germany, walking between 350 and 400 kilometres to reach Limburg. As August is a male, there is a big chance he will become Naya's partner. Naya had been spotted earlier in the area. "We will see whether they will actually become partners. But it looks like it. The area where they are now, is big enough to roam and be together for a while without being disturbed", the agency for Nature and Woodlands points out. 

Flanders hasn't had wolves for years, but it seems there could be more to come now. 

Below: a reconstruction of August's travels:

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