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Young boy joy-riding in Brussels in controversial video

All the things you shouldn't do if you want to stick to responsible driving: police are on the heels of the man who allows a boy a joy ride. A controversial video on YouTube shows how the boy, sitting on an adult's lap, is driving a car through the streets of Brussels. The video is taken from the back seat, where an older man is praising the "10-year-old driver".

The adult in front, who clearly knows he is being filmed, is flouting various traffic rules at the same time, and he is also making a phone call with his smartphone. Meanwhile, the man at the back is boasting: "Watch the youngest driver at work! He is just 10 years old!"

Police are looking for the driver. They suspect the footage was taken in Watermaal-Bosvoorde. The adults in the car realise that what they are doing is completely illegal. At one stage, the man at the back says: "Stop here! There could be police further on." When the car stops, the boy gets out. It turns out that nor the boy, not the adult were wearing a seat belt either. Police wrote two tickets on the basis of the footage. 

It is believed police are on the heels of the adult sitting behind the wheel. If he has not been convicted before, he risks up to 1,000 euros in fines, and he could have his driver's license suspended for a month. 

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