Each day, two young children are being hit by a car in the street

Last year, 4,667 pedestrians were hit by a vehicle on our roads. 828 of them were children under the age of 14. This means over two young children each day. The good news is that the figure is 20 percent down compared to 2008. 

The accidents involving children under 14, resulted in 6 deaths last year. The institute for road safety, VIAS, adds that a total of 95 pedestrians passed away last year. Children under 14 and those above 75 are the most vulnerable groups. 

"Two young children hit by a car each day: that's too much, but at least the figure is down", says Stef Willems of the VIAS Institute. "It's 21 percent down on 2008. One of the explanations is the introduction of the so-called "Zone 30" in the vicinity of schools, and we had various awareness campaigns."

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