Flanders has "wolf plan" ready: "We should learn to live together"

The Flemish Environment Minister Joke Schauvliege hopes members of the public can live with the presence of wolves. Flanders is determined to give the wolf a chance, and has presented a plan which was approved by environmental pressure groups, but also by sheep farmers and hunters. Wolves are enjoying a protected status in Belgium.

Belgium has three wolves - at least, the ones we know of - at present: one in Wallonia, and two in Flanders. The animals made their reappearance here in recent months, and their number may rise. This is why a plan for the future was needed. 

Wolves like to eat wild boars - there are enough of these in the Limburg woods - or deer, but sometimes they also attack domesticated animals like sheep or even rabbits. 

If you have any sheep, it may be a good idea to protect them better, especially in plain countryside

People who have sheep should protect these. In and around cities there is no problem, but in more remote areas extra measures could be taken. The government repeats that farmers or members of the public can claim a financial compensation if they can prove their sheep were killed by wolves. 

Wolves are shy animals roaming about in remote areas - and these are hard to find in Flanders. These remote areas should be safeguarded: recreation and traffic should be avoided to give the wolves a little space.

People taking the dog out for a walk in these areas, should not let their dog run freely, to avoid dogs would mate with wolves. The Flemish government will start a campaign to inform members of the public about the wolf, and the do's and don'ts. 

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