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Belgian vessel sinks off the British coast: three saved, two dead

A cruiseship has managed to pick up three men from a life raft in the North Sea. It turns out that the three were crew from a Belgian fishing boat from Zeebrugge. The bodies of two other people who were missing, were found this afternoon after a major search operation had been set up. 

The Pacific Princess was on its way to Dover when it noticed a life raft floating some 20 miles off the English coast near Norwich. Despite the harsh conditions with waves reaching up to 1.5 metres, crew managed to pick up the three men on the raft. The men had been on the raft for four hours. 

It turns out the three were working on the trawler Z19-Sonja, which capsized and perished yesterday afternoon, some 25 miles north-east of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Passengers on board the Pacific Princess witnessed the rescue operation from the deck. They clapped when the rescued men came on the ship.  

However, there were five people on board, which meant that two others were missing. It wasn't looking good and their bodies were recovered late in the afternoon, after a massive search. 

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