Good news for tenants with pets

Tenants who have a pet or who want to take one, should always be able to keep an animal at the place they are renting, except for certain cases. Flemish Animal Welfare Minister Ben Weyts is adapting legislation, explaining that the rules will be turned around.

At present, most contracts stipulate that tenants are not allowed to keep any pets, unless the landlord has given his or her written approval. In future, it will be reversed: tenants will automatically be allowed to keep pets, unless the home should not be fit for the purpose. 

"We will turn things around", Ben Weyts (nationalist) explains. "Pets will always be allowed, unless the place is not suitable. A small apartment is not suited to keep a German shepherd, and it would not be good for the animal's well-being either." 

Mr Weyts is adapting legislation after various court cases, after tenants were forced out of their homes because they kept animals. If there would be any conflicts in the future, it will still be up to the judge to make a decision. 

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