Police officer dies after shooting incident in Spa, one suspect apprehended

A police officer was shot down in the city centre of Spa (Liège province) last night when he tried to intervene in a dispute. The man died from his injuries. A suspect could be apprehended this morning. It's a Dutchman in his thirties.  

The shooting incident took place in the Avenue Reine Astrid. Police were called to intervene in a brawl at a café. It is believed that a group of Dutchmen was denied access to the pub. They later got into a car, possibly a grey taxi. 

After police had arrived, they were shot at by one of the car passengers. One of the police officers, a 38-year-old father, was badly hit and passed away. 

A safety perimeter was installed at the scene of the crime. Police set up a massive hunt for the shooter. Around 11 o'clock, it was reported that one suspect could be apprehended. The man may have sustained injuries himself, when colleagues of the victim shot back. It is not clear whether there are more suspects on the run or not. 

Interior Minister Jan Jambon has expressed his condolences towards the victim's family. Jambon visited the site in the afternoon, just like King Filip of the Belgians. 

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