Alexandra Rosen/Twitter

Man who survived ordeal speaks: "This is an enormous loss"

Dirk Coolsaet is one of three men who were saved from the sea after their fishing boat had capsized. Two days after his ordeal, he looks back, stressing that his thoughts are with his colleagues who didn't make it.

Everything happened very quickly, last Saturday: the Z19-Sonja from Zeebrugge capsized when the nets got stuck. Dirk and four other crew members found themselves fighting for their lives: Dirk managed to hang on to the capsized boat, and climb back via the nets to get into a life raft. 

He and two colleagues were picked up by a cruiseship later on, but two other colleagues perished. Their bodies were found later on Sunday.

The accident and the fight to stay alive made a deep impression on him, but what is going through his mind the most is the loss of a couple of colleagues, including Roger: "He is a man who I always admired, ever since I was a child. This is an enormous loss, I can't describe it. This is an emotional blow."