2018 Manchester City FC

Red Flame Tessa Wullaert "on fire" in Manchester

In women's football, Fleming Tessa Wullaert enjoyed an excellent day with Manchester City. In the starting 11 for the first time this season, she scored twice against Leicester City to be chosen "Player of the Match". Man City won the game 4-0. "I am glad I don't have to wait too long for my first goals with my new employer".

Wullaert is a Belgian international player who left Wolfsburg last season to try her luck with Manchester City. She scored twice against Leicester to be chosen Player of the Match: "I am happy with the goals. The longer it takes before you score for your new club, the more it becomes an issue and the tougher it becomes."

Wullaert feels like a fish in the water with her new employer: "I love the type of football we play: a lot of passing and ground play. We now have to keep playing like we did in the second half against Leicester City. I am glad the goals came fast in this new episode with City."