Flemish bridge inspections far less frequent

There has been a sharp decrease in the number of inspections of Flemish bridges and viaducts.  In the past checks were carried out religiously every three years.  Today checks are only completed every four or five years.

Socialist opposition lawmaker Joris Vandenbroucke is publicising the figures that he says are "concerning".

East Flanders province boasts some 207 bridges and viaducts.  The figures show that only half of all these edifices are today being inspected every three years.  One bridge in five has to wait over four years. Seven bridges hadn't been inspected in 5 years.

Joris Vandenbroucke is worried because the bridges are getting older and are having to carry more traffic, while checks are decreasing in frequency.

The Roads Agency responsible for 2,800 bridges across Flanders recognises that the inspection regime has been relaxed.  Now inspections take place every three to five years "because some bridges don't require a check every three years".