Belgian Royal Palace

Princess Elisabeth off to Wales

Belgium's crown princess Elisabeth has left our shores for the Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales.  The 16-year-old will be completing her secondary school education in the principality.

Princess Elisabeth completed the entrance test here in Brussels and will start school in Wales together with eleven other Belgians.  She is following the International Baccalaureate in preparation of university studies.

This week a special introductory week starts at the Welsh college outside Cardiff.  School proper commences next week.  Lessons are combined with what are labelled “social and cultural activities” including communal work intended to give young persons a sense of responsibility.

The school forms part of the United World Colleges (UWC) and is famed for its ability to bring together people from different cultures from across the world.  King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands also studied here.

Pupils hail from 90 different nations.  School fees are 25,000 euros a year.  30% of pupils enjoy a grant.

The college has discussed security with the palace. The aim is to treat the teenager as a normal young person, but security officers will be present in the background.  The Duchess of Brabant follows her father, King Filip, in seeking an education in the United Kingdom.  King Filip commenced his university studies at Oxford in England before travelling to Stanford in the US for an MA in political sciences.