Manhunt after shooting at Jabbeke motorway carpark

A shooting in the vicinity of the motorway services at Jabbeke on the Brussels Ostend motorway is the subject of an investigation.  Prosecutors speak of the involvement of migrants heading to the UK, who frequent this area favoured by lorry drivers.

The carpark at Jabbeke is used by lorry drivers bound for the UK.  This attracts migrants eager to hitch an undetected ride to Albion.  There are reports an altercation among these migrants escalated.  Shots were fired. More than one person may have been injured.

Yves Segaert-Vanden Bussche of West Flemish prosecutors: "I can confirm a shooting involving a group of migrants or between several groups of migrants.  As yet it's unclear what exactly happened.  Two people are injured.  There is no trace of those responsible."

Police are mounting a manhunt.  One of the injured is a Sudanese national.  He is undergoing an operation today.  The other injured person, an Iraqi Kurd, is being discharged from hospital.

On Thursday the local mayor decided to close the carpark from 8PM till 6AM starting Saturday and this to ensure security.