Belgian fort "For Sale"

Fort Leopold in Diest (Flemish Brabant) is up for sale.  The fort was built by the young Belgian state to defend itself against any attack from the Netherlands, but has fallen into disuse.

It's the ministry of defence that own the fortress that forms part of the defences around the city of Diest.  Together with the citadel and city walls the fortress provided security in times past, but today the threat seems to come more readily from a cyber assault than from the Netherlands and it's no longer needed as a defence structure.

The fortress was listed in 1996.  Cash strapped Diest isn't interested.  The city is now the proud owner of the citadel and is seeking a use for it.  It can't afford any further commitment.

The fortress is open to the public on Armistice Day when local guides will be on hand to answer your questions. Mayor Jan Laurys of Diest hopes that if a buyer comes forward he or she will still allow local people to visit their fort on 11 November.