Police to use algorithms to predict crime

Belgian federal police wish to employ databanks and algorithms in order to predict criminal activities.  Police say that databanks and algorithms can help to map out crime, so called predictive policing.  In this way stretched resources can be targeted more efficiently.

Databanks and algorithms help to identify times and spots when and where there is a heightened chance of criminal activity.  Predictive policing becomes possible thanks to the introduction of a new police computer system in 2020: iPolice!

Belgian police are currently creating the tools and building the system. Data will then be introduced to allow links to be made.  Data will be supplied by the police but also by outside agencies like the Met Office.  The great challenge is to decide which data is relevant.

Police spokesman Theyskens stresses that predictive policing is an aid and no magic ball: “Ethnic profiling will not be allowed!  We have no intention to come to a Big Brother databank”.