Racist slur at Leuven mosque: "Vote N-VA, all brown people out"

The city of Leuven is being confronted with a number of racist messages, painted on walls in different locations, including at a mosque. It is unclear who may be behind it. 

On the wall of a local mosque the following message can be read: vote for the N-VA, all brown people out. Next to the message, a swastika can be seen. 

"We are shocked and indignated", says Samir Bouzanih, a member of the youth board. "We made various efforts over the past months to bring the different communities in Leuven closer together, and now this." An official complaint has been launched against the perpetrators, but it is still unclear who may be behind it.

A community centre at the Bruul shows this message: "The Congo is ours. Vote N-VA".   

Let me be clear: there is no place for this in the Leuven that we would like to have

Lorin Van Parys, N-VA

Lorin Van Parys, who heads the Flemish nationalist N-VA list in the upcoming local elections, has condemned the racist slur. "Let me be clear: there is no place for this in the Leuven that we want to have. We stand for integration, in a way that everyone can be a Leuvener. And we also wish the person who wants to use our name for such a disgusting message, better luck in spelling", he concluded, referring to the spelling mistakes in bruine and buite, where an 'n' is missing at the end.