Nicolas Maeterlinck

Summer of 2018 is the hottest in almost 200 years

The Belgian Met Office (KMI) has confirmed that the past summer will become the hottest since records began, in 1833. The previous milestone, set in 2003, has been broken. 

The meteorological summer runs until midnight, but it's a fact: the past three summer months of June, July and August were the warmest since records began in 1833. The overall average temperature (including lowest and highest marks, day and night) will be 19.8 degrees Celsius (67.64 Fahrenheit). 

The mark is well above the average: some 2 degrees Celsius. The previous record went back to 2003, when we had 19.7 as the average temperature for June, July and August. This means we have had the hottest summer ever in Belgium. Looking at the different months, July (22 Celsius on average) beats August (19.5) and June (18.1). The blistering hot July was the second hottest month of July on record. 

The number of days with rain almost reached rock-bottom, but the mark set in 1835 still stands

There is another thing which is special. The number of precipitation days (in this case days with rain) was limited to just 20 for the whole summer: 4 in June, 5 in July and 11 in August. The record set in 1835 with just 18 days, is still standing because the final weeks of August brought us fresh rain on several occasions. All records apply to Belgium's main measuring station in Ukkel (Brussels). 

In the Netherlands, similar records were set. The past summer was the hottest in three centuries with 19.0 degrees Celsius on average, beating the 2003 mark and the year 1826. However, records only began in Belgium in 1833.