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Video shows violent attack on police in Bruges: two unfit for work

The VRT got hold of a video showing how a police officer is being brutally attacked in Bruges. The incident happened after police stopped a car for flouting traffic rules. A police officer who came to help his colleague, was also attacked. The incident happened last week, but both were declared unfit for work until the end of the month. 

The facts go back to last week, but stayed under the radar until the VRT managed to get hold of the footage. 

What happened? Police had stopped a car near Bruges station after it had crossed a white line. One of the passengers flees the scene, but can be caught at the other side of the station. At that moment, his brother arrives in the car. He gets out and starts beating one of the police officers. It takes some time before bystanders and another policeman can overpower the assailant. 

The two police officers were declared unfit for work until the end of the month. "This is a clear case of violence against police. This is extreme", Bruges police said in a statement. One of the offenders had a criminal record. Both will have to appear in court soon in a short procedure.  

This cannot be tolerated. There is never a reason to attack police. 

Speaking about the incident, the Bruges Mayor Renaat Landuyt (socialist) told the VRT that "anyone who saw the footage, will agree that this cannot be tolerated in our society. Police represent authority, and this should always be respected. There is never a reason to attack police."

Mr Landuyt added "I'm afraid that this is connected to a kind of trend that authority is no longer accepted, with some individuals going one bridge too far and beyond that."