OCAD heightens threat level for Mr Wilders's visit to Antwerp

OCAD, the Belgian body that analyses the security threat, has declared a level 3 security threat during the visit of Dutch far right leader Geert Wilders to the Flemish far right Vlaams Belang party in Antwerp on Sunday. 

Mr Wilders's visit is controversial after he announced his wish to organise a cartoon competition for pictures of the prophet Mohammed.  Depicting the prophet is banned under Islam and the competition had triggered protests.  The competition will now not go ahead, but Mr Wilders will be supporting the Vlaams Belang campaign for the local elections.  Mr Wilders will be visiting the Vogeltjesmarkt, a famous Antwerp landmark, where he will address Vlaams Belang faithful.

A level 2 security threat level applies for the whole of Belgium, apart from certain sensitive spots where the higher level 3 applies.  The level 3 connected to Mr Wilders's visit will only apply for the duration of the visit and the area he is visiting.  It allows the police to take extra security measures. Level 3 is only one level below the highest threat level, level 4.