"Personally I'd scrap the switch to daylight saving time"

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has spoken in favour of the abolition of changing the clocks twice a year.  If a European Commission proposal is adopted, this would mean an end to the twice yearly ritual of turning the clocks back and forward.

The European commission intends to table a proposal that would mean the death of Central European Summer Time (CEST) or possibly its perpetuation throughout the year.  This would mean that in the European spring clocks no longer go forward and as autumn approaches clocks are no longer turned back.  Any such proposal will need the backing of the European Parliament and the member states, but Belgium's Prime Minister, Charles Michel, speaking in a personal capacity, backs the idea.

Belgium has not yet adopted a formal position and the issue has not yet been discussed in cabinet.  Mr Michel: "Personally I welcome the proposal, especially as there is a clear message from the people of Europe.  I hope we will be able to make progress."

In a consultation involving 5 million EU citizens 80% wanted to ditch the practice of putting the clocks back and forward.

Belgium has a troubled history with summer time.  During the occupation the Germans introduced double daylight saving time and kept it running during the winter!