Mother that killed her three children to remain in custody

Magistrates in Bruges (West Flanders) have ruled that a mother that killed her three children in the West Flemish village of Varsenare last week will stay on remand for another month. Last Tuesday night the 30-year-old woman killed her 4-year-old daughter and her 2 sons, one of whom just a few months old . She then tried to take her own life by driving into a bridge support along the E40 motorway in Oostkamp (West Flanders).  

The woman’s solicitor Philip Van den Berghe says that his client understands what she has done. “She is deeply regretful and wishes she could turn back the clock”, Mr Van den Berghe told journalists.

However, he adds "A psychiatric examination of my client will play an important role in the case and will decide whether my client was suffering from post-natal depression. Her perfectionism and the fact that she had three children in four years will have played a big role here”, Mr Van den Berghe added.  According to her solicitor, the woman enjoys the continued support of her family and friends.   

"There have been a very many gestures of support for my client. This is why were are giving a press conference later today to show that the bond between the two families is still strong”.

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