Ceiling collapse at Brussels Courthouse

The Court Clerk’s office at the Court of Cassation in Brussels has suffered serious damage after part of its ceiling collapsed on Tuesday night. No one was injured in the incident that is believed to have been caused by water seepage.  


There was nobody in the office when the ceiling collapsed. The part of the office under the collapsed ceiling is used to store criminal case files. These are reported not to have been damaged.  

On Monday two employee at the courthouse were injured when a number of shelf units fell over at the office of the Clerk of the Brussels Dutch-language Court of Appeal.

The room has been cordoned off. In it are  the files of the cases that are due to be dealt with by the Brussels Dutch-language Court of Appeal over the next few weeks. As a precautionary measure, the area used to store the Court of Appeal’s French-Language case files has also been cordoned off. The Brussels Courthouse has been in a poor state of repair for many years.  


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