Injecting room opens in Liège

The city authorities in the Liège have opened an injecting room to allow addicts to shoot up safely and out of the way of the general public. Although the sale, use and possession of heroin is illegal in Belgium the City of Liège decided to open the facility in which users can use drugs under medical supervision in an effort to address the issue of addicts shooting up on the streets.

Such a facility is illegal, but it will be tolerated by the police and the Judicial Authorities.      

The city authorities invested 1 million euro in the injection room in the Cathédrale-Nord area of the city centre. The room known locally as the “salle de shoot” has as its aim to take problem drug users off the streets and to get them to seek help from drug addiction experts.  

This is the first such facility in Belgium. Brussels and Charleroi (Hainaut) also have plans to open an injection. Ghent too is interested, but won’t open an injection room until the law has been changed, making such a facility legal.  



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