Never so few drivers tested positive during a drink-drive campaign

There have never been so few positive drivers checked as during the last drink-drive summer campaign Bob say the road safety institute Vias and the federal police on Thursday. 

A total of 2.7% of them were detected positive, a decrease of 3.1% compared to last year. The number of alcohol checks has also remained almost stable: 324,468 people were subjected to them this summer compared to 330,245 in 2017.

The only downside is the high percentage of positive drivers after an accident with death or injury: almost 10%, proof of the total incompatibility between alcohol and driving, the institute still points out.

The campaign was conducted from June 8 to September 3. Over these three months, nearly 82,000 motorists were checked in Wallonia. In Brussels, 22,673 tests were carried out, of which 2.8% (631) were positive. Flanders has the lowest number of positive results. They were 2.5% in this case this summer, out of 219,922 controls (221,771 and 2.9% in 2017). 

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