8 years after the tornado the church in Ciney is as good as new

For the first time in 8 year Mass was celebrated on Sunday morning in the La Collégiale in the Walloon town of Ciney in Numur Province. 8 years ago the church was severely damaged (see photo below).  


Work to restore the church to its former glory that included the reconstruction of its belfry was completed in. However, the parishioners had to wait until today to able to attend Mass there. They told a reporter from the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF that their church now looks better than ever. “Before the interior was completely grey and now it’s all white” one parishioner said.   

The Bishop of Namur Rémi Vancottem is also highly satisfied with the result of the reconstruction work

"I am moved. I have only been Bishop since 2010 and had not yet had the opportunity to celebrate Mass in Ciney. The church has been beautifully restored”, Bishop Vancottem said.   

This is the 7th time that a new belfry has had to be built at the "La Collégiale" church. Previously the belfry was destroyed either by acts of war or the force of nature. The belfry is Ciney’s best-known sight and it appears on the labels of bottles of the well-known Ciney beer.   

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