Fleming dies after sandboarding accident in Peru

A Flemish sand boarder that was seriously injured in an accident in Peru has died of her injuries. The woman’s death is reported in the Peruvian newspaper ‘El Popular’. The paper says that she passed away on Thursday.  

The accident happened in the Peruvian desert village of Huacachina. The Belgian woman was sandboarding on a steep dune and was unable to stop quickly enough to stop herself colliding with the wall of a hotel. She sustained several fractures.

On Thursday she died of a respiratory condition in hospital in the city of San Pablo where she had been taken after having received treatment in a hospital at Ica.  The woman’s father told the paper that his daughter and three friends were on a sandboarding holiday organised by the company Desert Night. He added that the organisers had not adhered to minimal safety rules.

Huacachina is a small village in the Peruvian desert that is popular with tourist on adventure holidays.


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