Fat renderers Verkest and Fogra must pay 24 million euro compensation for 1999 dioxin crisis

The Federal Food Safety Agency (FAVV) has been awarded 24 million euro in damages to be paid by the fat renderers Verkest and Fogra for their part in the 1999 dioxin crisis. It was the Ghent Criminal Court that awarded the compensation.  

Almost 20 years after the event a judgement has been made on the level of compensation payments payable by those involved. The Federal Food Safety Agency demand (and was awarded) 24 million euro from Verkest and from Jacques and Jacqueline Thill of Fogra.  

However, a number of animal feed producers are still awaiting a ruling on their 10 million euro compensation claim.  

The dioxin got into the food chain due to malpractice by the fat renderers Verkest in Deinze (East Flanders) and Fogra in Wallonia.

Verkest claimed to have supplied melted animal fat to mix and cattle feed producers. However, the Verkest’s product was in fact a mix of animal fat and lubricant. Verkest has already been convicted of a number of offenses related to the dioxin crisis. Five years ago the Verkest was ordered to pay compensation amounting to more than 1 million euro.


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