Poverty does not stop growing in Flanders

Both the Flemish and Belgian governments are ambitious when it comes to fight against poverty. From long waiting lists for social housing to single-parent families who run the same risk of poverty as in Romania, the figures show a different reality.

The Flemish authorities put in place an action plan 2015-2019 to fight poverty but the results are disappointing. They pledge to halve the proportion of children born into poverty. Instead, the number of children from 0 to 3 years living in precarious conditions do not stop growing. It broke a record in 2017, with 13,8%.

“The Flemish government is committed to quality housing, prevents and combats homelessness”, according to the action plan. Five years ago, 34 % of children living in poverty live in poor quality housing. Now, it has increased to 37%.

135,000 prospective tenants are waiting for a social house whereas they were 105,000 five years ago.

The Pact 2020 written by the Flemish government states: "In 2020, Flanders scores best of the EU 27 in terms of poverty reduction." If you look at single-parent families, progress can be made : 40% of single-parent families in Belgium are at risk of poverty, as much as in Romania.

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