Agriculture Minister: "67 pig farms are being watched closely”

The Federal Agriculture Minister Denis Ducarme (Francophone liberal) has told the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF that 67 pig farms are being followed closely after the first outbreak of swine fever in Belgium in 33 years. Earlier the Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block had said that there is currently no danger to public health.  

Two wild boar that were found dead in a forest in Luxembourg province died from African swine fever. There is a risk that the highly contagious disease.  

"67 companies are being followed closely. We are still waiting for the results”, Mr Ducarme said.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister will look at whether more measures are required. "There are 6 million pigs in Flanders and 400,000 in Wallonia. The economic effects of an outbreak could be dramatic”.

"We need to work proactively and follow the evolution closely to make certain that this was an isolated incident”, Mr Ducarme added.


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