Dolph Cantrijn

Federal Food Safety Agency takes measures to stop the spread of swine fever

The Federal Food Safety Agency (FAVV) has announced a number of measures designed to contain the outbreak of African swine fever. After a crisis meeting between representatives of the FAVV and the Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block (Flemish Liberal) and the Federal Agriculture Minister Denis Ducarme (Francophone liberal) the follow measures were agreed.

·        Hunting has been banned in the area where the two infected wild boar were found. Walkers in the forests must now stick to the paths.  

·        67 pig farmers in the area are obliged to keep close tabs on the health of their pigs in collaboration with a vet.

·        The above mentioned farms are banned from transporting their animal (for example for slaughter) without the expres spermission of the FAVV.

·        Flemish pig farmers have been told to prevent their animals becoming infected by placing a double fence around the any fields in which pigs are kept. They have also been told to only allow people that absolutely have to be there into their pigsties. All clothing and material must be disinfected.   

Meanwhile, the farming associations Boerenbond and ABS have called for the controlled slaughter of all wild board. However, a decision to do so would have to be taken by the Flemish Government.  


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