PM to consult other Benelux members and the people before deciding on winter or summer time

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) has told VRT News that he wishes to get around the table with The Netherlands and Luxembourg about the choice of whether we should switch permanently to summer or winter time.


"It would be absurd if we were each to make a different choice”, Mr Michel said. In addition to this the Head of Belgium’s Federal Government also intends to consult the people before any decision is made.

A decision will need to be made soon as if the European Commission gets it way putting the clocks forward on the last Sunday of March and back again on the last Sunday of October will become a thing of the past from next year. Each member state will be able to choice whether they opt for daylight saving time or CET, EET (in the Baltic States, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Finland and Bulgaria) and GMT (in Ireland and Portugal). Each country must let the EU know of their decision by  April of next year.   

The Belgian Government reacted positively to the decision to dump putting the clocks back and forward. On Friday it was announced that Mr Michel intended to consult with the regional governments and today he has said that the Federal Government will also talk to Luxembourg and The Netherlands before a decision is made.  

"It would be absurd if the Benelux countries were to make different choices”.

Mr Michel added that he would also like to consult the public. However, the Prime Minister didn’t elaborate on how he intends to do so.

"It is still too earlier to say. Various options are possible”.

There isn’t a lot of time though as the Dutch Government has already said that it intends to make a decision within the next 6 weeks.

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