Taxi driver shot in the neck in the centre of Bruges

A taxi driver has been shot in the neck in the centre of the West Flemish city of Bruges. The incident happened on Friday night. One suspect has been detained, a second suspect is still on the run. It is still unclear whether the person detained by police fired the shot.  

The shooting took place on the Vlamingstraat. The taxi was transporting foreign tourists when it was shot at from the side.

The side window was smashed by a bullet that ended up in the taxi driver’s neck. The drivers was able to drive on until the central market square, where the tourists left his vehicle.

The driver was taken to hospital for treatment. His condition is not life-threatening.  

Circumstances still unclear

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. Although it is possible that a dispute between taxi drivers could be behind it.

Previously there have been incidents involving threats and low-level violence in which the victim of Friday night’s shooting was involved. Since the rules on the number of licensed taxis were changed the number of taxis in Bruges has doubled. This has led to tension between drivers. Taxi driver shot in the neck in the centre of Bruges

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