Police find nothing suspicious during theme park search

The Bobbejaanland theme park at Lichtaart in Antwerp Province will remained closed today “for security reasons”. The theme park used its Twitter account to inform potential visitors (and journalists) that it would remain closed all day.

A police team with sniffer dogs trained to detect explosives searched the park. However, after hours of searching nothing suspicious was found.

CCTV images had surfaced that show a masked individual with a rucksack deposit items a various locations in the park.

The exact nature of what was left behind was the subject the search. Those hoping for a fun Sunday at Bobbejaanland were unable to get into the park.

After consulting with the police those that run the theme park decided that it should remain closed for the rest of the day. Hundreds of day trippers that were waiting at the gates were left disappointed.

The park’s closure has financial implications for the park. The theme park would expect to welcome thousands of visitors on a Sunday with fine weather like today.

A spokesman for Bobbejaanland says that the theme park will make efforts to identify the person that was seen on CCTV walking around the park on Saturday night.  

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