Audi launches new Brussels-built electrically-powered car

 The German car company Audi has launched its new electrically-powered car the Audi E-Tron that is built at the company’s plant in the Brussels municipality of Vorst. The E-Tron was launched in the American city of San Francisco that is the home of what is its biggest competitor Tesla.

The new electrically-powered car will set you back 82,400 euro (including VAT). In the wake of the diesel scandal, Audi has launched a “green” electrically-powered car that it hopes will be a really “Tesla killer”. Management and workers at Audi have every confident in their new product. In the run up the start of production of the E-Tron Audi has invested 600 million euro in new technology at its Brussels plant. Staff there have been completely retrained as building an electrically-powered car is not the same as building a vehicle with a combustion engine.

In 2007 Volkswagen that is part of the same group as Audi wanted to close the Brussels plant. However, it was given a reprieve when Audi announced that it would build the Audi A-1 there. The start of production of the Audi E-Tron at Vorst is good news for the future of the factory.  


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